Spain On the Road Again, Part 13 – Madrid and the End of the Road Reply

On Road AgainMario, Gwyneth, Mark and Claudia end their epic Spanish road trip in Madrid with a busy schedule for the last day. First there’s a visit to the new Madrid Barajas airport extension, a mile-long building designed  in a joint effort by Brit Richard Rogers and Spaniard, Antonio Lamela. Then Mario and Gwyneth are off to the Escorial for a quick drive-by commentary, then a stop at the Duchess of Alba’s house, the Palacio de Liria, which is also a formidable art museum open to public visits. Lunch with Ferran Adriá, the world’s most famous chef, is a ten-course tasting menu on the rooftop terrace of the Casino Club, a meal in which “nothing is what it seems,” though it’s all surprising and delicious.

Mario and Gwyneth squeeze in a quick appearance as cheer leaders at a Real Madrid soccer match in Real Madrid’s hallowed Santiago Bernabeo stadium.The series concludes with a friendly, fun, intramural cookoff where everybody wins.

Link to Part 13, the last, alas. Adios to all the golden nuggets on this Spanish road trip of a lifetime. ¡Hasta la vista!


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