Commented Works from the Prado: Articulated Mannequin by Albrecht Dürer (?) Reply


The Prado Museum in Madrid offers us another of their intimate little video jewels. On the occasion of the exhibit “Cloistered Beauty, From Fra Angelico to Fortuny” (La belleza encerrada. De Fra Angelico a Fortuny) in the museum, Spanish sculptor Juan Bordes comments on a delightful little piece attributed–with some doubt–to Albrect Durer, ca. 1525. In this five-minute video Bordes contributes the special sensitivity of the working artist to his commentary, emphasizing the charm of the small formats of all the work in this exhibit, works that “attract us like a magnet and communicate their message clearly as we’re standing before them. “According to Bordes the grace of this piece, like most art, is a question of minimums. “The amount of material used is minimum,” he affirms. “The differences that determine whether a work of art is genial or banal are also minimal, as are the dimensions of a work of art necessary to achieve the equilibrium that inspires the fascination of beauty.”.

Video courtesy of the Prado Museum, Madrid


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