Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Spanish Neighbours Reply

Jeremy Clarkson Spain

Jeremy Clarkson: Meets the Neighbours was a 2002 BBC television series in which BBC star presenter visited five European neighbor countries. In this program he drives a 1960s Jaguar E-Type around Spain, compares the lifestyles with those of Britain, and comments on them in a cranky Englishman’s manner. His Spanish tour includes a visit to the Basque Games where he decides that they are the strongest people in the world; to sample San Sebastian’s nightlife, which leaves him properly stuffed with pintxos and lubricated with chacoli; to be pelted at a festival of “subsidized tomatoes;” to witness the aftermath of fatal car bombing by a Basque terrorist group; to visit a bullfight school in Madrid; and to spend a day with the Galician barnacle pickers, an activity he decides is more dangerous than bullfighting.

The content of this program from 2002 is dated and opinionated but nevertheless interesting and amusing as is most of Clarkson’s work.

This is the link:


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