Modernity after Modernity. A Lecture by Art Historian T.J. Clark in the Reina Sofía Museum 1

PJ ClarkThis 17-minute video was produced by the Reina Sofía Museum on the occasion of their master lectures in 2011. The protagonist is TJ Clark, British art historian, critic and theorist. Author of  “Picasso and Truth: From Cubism to Guernica” (2013) and of “Farewell to an Idea: Episodes from a History of Modernism” (1999), among other seminal studies, Clark discusses here the ideas that ushered in modernity (the secularization process, the loss of aura or disillusion with the world) and how these concepts live on or have been transformed over history, placing special emphasis on the collection of the Reina Sofía Museum. TJ Clark is a felicitous speaker with complex but clear ideas, clearly enunciated. This video of his talk is worthwhile despite the confusing Spanish voice over Clark’s speech in English. It helps to read the English subtitles.

Here’s the link to T.J. Clark’s lecture:

Video courtesy of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid


One comment

  1. Terrific, thoughtful lecture. I’ve been there, seen all that and now find myself re-enchanted. Thanks to all involved.

    Mel Strawn

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