Spain On the Road Again, Part 12 – A Fishy Paella for Foreign Visitors Reply

On Road AgainGwyneth is in heaven as the road trip heads to Valencia, a paella–lover’s paradise. Mario and Gwyneth spread a blanket out on a wild Mediterranean dune and swap stories about their long histories with Spain. Both had the rare opportunity to come here as adolescents and never got Spain out of their blood. Meanwhile, Mark and Claudia tour Santiago Calatrava’s futuristic City of Arts and Sciences.

Gwyneth and Mario venture into the rice fields of the Albufera to learn to cook a surprisingly non-traditional, seemingly market-driven seafood paella valenciana made with onions and seafood by a grumpy Zen Master Paellero, then eat it with the family. The four pilgrims are reunited at the end of the day over a dinner of broadbean secrets and canned tapas at local bar, Casa Montaña. The final leg of the road trip heads to Madrid for a drive around the city looking at skyscrapers.

See the video with Gwyneth and Mario’s teenage secrets.


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