Barcelona’s “Sagrada Familia” Virtually Finished 2


Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia cathedral is a Barcelona icon with millions of visitors every year, despite being notoriously unfinished. Last weekend, during the festa mayor of La Mercè, the patron saint of Catalonia, 33.600 people crowded into its massive nave to see a new video that portrays a virtual version of the temple in its completed state, an event scheduled for the year 2026 in the real world.

As the real world is a bit trickier than the virtual one for getting projects done, the promoters add “if the work continues at the rhythm of recent years.”

This impressive short video, produced by the Sagrada Familia itself, permits viewers to see, in a minute and a half, an animated architect’s representation of what the church will look like when it’s finished, culminating in the 172-meter central “tower of Jesus,” surrounded by the four lower towers of the evangelists and that of the virgin. The principal facade, la puerta de la gloria, will also be finished in the form of a giant organ and will become the new main entrance to the cathedral.

Here’s the link:



  1. Mike,

    La Sagrada – terrific! Having been there in 1967 and 2011 (last trip w/ you guys)…. but won’t make it to the real finish line in all probability. Greetings to you both….

    Mel & B

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