“Charcutería” – The Smoked Soul of Spain in Asturias Reply

Asturian sausages

We just discovered Where is Asturias.com (WIA), a delightful recent addition to Spain’s regional online tourist information in English. They have published the following article on the new book by American chef and food writer, Jeffrey Weiss, about Spanish cured hams and sausages (charcutería):

When you live in Spain you tend to take the quality of its cured meats and the tradition of the charcuteria for granted because for the Spanish it’s just a normal part of the everyday diet. Jamon with tomato on toast for breakfast, a good hearty fabada bean stew for lunch or a tapa of chorizo with cider when meeting up with friends at the bar.

Now that the world is becoming ever smaller, Spanish charcuteria is getting a lot of attention overseas with master chefs like Jose Andres, Nacho Manzano and Marcos Moran setting up restaurants in the US and the UK and offering these incredible meats to appreciative publics. Such is the interest that American chef and food writer Jeffrey Weiss thought it was time to write a book all about the Spanish meat curing techniques and charcuteria recipes with the aim of highlighting some of the classic aspects of the charcuteria traditions and also uncovering some lesser known facts such as the small artisan producers, the types and breeds of pig (including the Asturian Celtic variety), and the recipes passed down from family to family over the centuries

Jeffrey set out on his tour of Spain along with food photographer Nathan Rawlinson to capture the spirit of these traditions, passing through locations such as Salamanca, Extremadura, Madrid, Toledo and Galicia, also stopping in Asturias to witness their unique tradition of smoke curing. The Asturians are very proud of their charcuteria traditions and welcomed Jeffrey and Nathan into their homes to sample the home cured chorizo and morcilla always accompanied by a good chat and a glass or three of homebrewed cider.

Www.whereisasturias.com travelled with them on the Asturian leg of their tour and talked to Jeffrey about his love for the region and his awe with the integrity and passion of the local producers here in Asturias. The book is set for release in America during Autumn 2013 from Agate Publishing in Chicago. You can find out more information about the book Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain on the Facebook page.

Here’s the video:

Charcutería: The Soul of Spain in Asturias from Where is Asturias on Vimeo.


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