Macarena, Xanty and More – A Sample Overview of Today and Tomorrow’s Finest Spanish Chefs and Their Restaurants Reply

Macarena Xanty Etc

15 Spanish Chefs to Watch

El Viajero, the Sunday travel section of Madrid’s El Mundo newspaper’s online version ( featured yesterday a commentated list of 15 Spanish chefs from all over the country who “fill Spain’s kitchens with new ideas.” El Mundo correspondent José Carlos Capel writes, “They advocate seasonal dishes using local products to re-invent the traditions with their own personal styles.”

According to Capel they have been formed under the tutelage of grand masters of Spanish gastronomy, and they possess creativity, technique and a vocational approach. They are living testimony of a new generation of cooks who are ready to carry on the traditions in their own personal ways. They are self-declared addicts of market-based cooking and local ingredients, though not afraid of introducing exotic elements from other traditions. Their cooking reflects refinement, imagination and elegance. Their names are making the rounds, though they haven’t yet achieved the fame they deserve. Their greatest merit is their unconformity, says Capel, and the determination to create their own trajectories. Along with other, similar Spanish chefs they form a culinary quarry of enormous potential for Spanish gastronomy in coming years.

Here’s the link to the article (in Spanish) in El Viajero, the travel magazine of Madrid’s El newspaper. You might want to print it out, fold it up and stick it in your pocket for your next trip to Spain.


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