Dali, Master of Surrealism 1

Salvador DaliA Video Glimpse of the Spanish Surrealist

Salvador Dalí, along with Picasso and Miró, one of the 20th-century trio of most-renowned Spanish artists, has left us a powerful autobiographical memorial in the museum he designed for himself in his home town. Dalí inaugurated the Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dalí in Figueres (figs in Catalan) in 1974 when he was 70 years old. It represents a journey through the this surrealist master’s convoluted (some would say “twisted”) world and receives visitors from all over the world.

Dalí’s work can also be seen in Madrid, where he studied fine art in the early 1920’s, in the Reina Cristina Museum, as well as in two of the artist’s residences, an extended fisherman’s cottage in Port Lligat on the Mediterranean shore near Roses, and in the castle In the village of Púbol that he bought for his wife, Gala. Dalí never lived there, though Gala granted him occasional visits. She died in 1982 and is buried in a crypt in her castle. Púbol is the third point on the so-called “Dalinian Triangle,” along with Figueres and Cadaqués.

This three-minute video offers an overview of Dalí’s life and legacy.


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