Marbella, The Life Reply

Marbella(Photo credit: Two Steps Behind)–This ITV documentary, presented by Piers Morgan, shows us in 53 minutes a cross section of the mainly rich Brits who move to the seaside town of Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol to show off their Bentleys and Countess Dracula false fingernails. Marbella (universally pronounced Mar-bay-a by the British cognoscenti) is justly famous for its tradition of entrepreneurial politicians, its eternal-spring microclimate, its expensive clubs and restaurants, and the Puerto Banus yacht harbor. Morgan asks one of his interviewees why so many international criminals make Marbella their base of operations. His answer is short and sweet: “Money attracts criminals.” Another observant British resident suggests that the town is divided between the rich, “some truly, truly wealthy people…” on one end and “the Euro trash element” on the other.

Intrepid presenter Morgan takes us to a gated, 24-hour-armed-guard urbanization located so far up the mountain that one is advised to take along an oxygen bottle. Houses up here cost between five and twenty million euros. Asked if it’s not a bit lonely up here, hostess Barbara says, “The English… we all stick together. We have some wonderful parties. This is one of the safest places in Europe. Her husband points out that plots of land up here start at “four million quid,” and that property here is so recession proof that you can expect to double your money. Where have we heard that before?

If you’re into premier league pompousness you’ll love this video:


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