La Sagrada Familia , Barcelona , Spain – Time Lapse Reply

sagrada-familia2The expiatory church of La Sagrada Familia, known simply as the Holy Family, is a Catholic basilica in Barcelona designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí. Initiated in 1882, it is still under construction while remaining open to the public. It is Gaudi’s masterpiece, and the best example of Catalan modernist architecture. According to data from 2011, it is the most visited monument in Spain, with 3.2 million visitors. During April 2012, Luis Caldevilla ( ) and Alberto Castaño ( ) were invited by the Director of the Construction Board to film in the basilica using time-lapse and drone aerial techniques . Luis Caldevilla used a motiontimer,  a control system for three-axis motion timelapse and Alberto Castaño used small drones and other devices to show this unique perspective.


Follow this link to the timelapse video, La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain:


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