Annie Sibonney Presents an Old Friend of Ours 1

Annie Sibonney SpainAnnie Sibonney is a charming, smart and very-Spain-hip Toronto girl who was a professional chef before she was a presenter for a Canadian TV network. She also runs culinary tours to Spain and Italy. This video is a chapter from her From Spain with Love series. It takes you to a feast of the traditional iberian pork production. You will discover here new aspects of this gourmand’s dream animal and its gastronomic possibilities (secreto, presa, tenderloin, pluma, and cured sausages, as well as the justly famous salt-cured acorn-fed ham.) The potent combination of Annie, Spain and the Iberian pig will captivate you, and if you’re lucky enough to be Canadian you can watch the rest of the series (more than 100 chapters) on television at home.

Video courtesy of Solo Iberico


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