You Can Play, Too! — ¡Alegria!’s New Readers’-Images Board on Pinterest Reply

Pinterest logoDuring one of our summer brainstorming sessions on the beach it occurred to us that it would be great to offer our readers the possibility to share images and videos of their Spanish experiences. The first question that arose was: “How do we implement that service? WordPress doesn’t have an application for it.”

“No,” said our Web guru, “but Pinterest does and it’s only a link away. All we have to do is  set up a branch office there.” is a pinboard-style photo sharing website where anyone can post images and videos of subjects that interest them. Each Pinterest participant’s images are organized by themes on “Boards,” which on Facebook would be called “Walls.”  Started just three years ago, Pinterest has experienced record growth on the Web. And they have a guest posting feature which lends itself nicely to our purposes. All  ¡Alegria! readers have to do to post your images and videos there is to join Pinterest (here: then fill in your name and email on the form below, wait 24 hours–which will give us time to alert Pinterest to expect your images–and start uploading.

This is a link to the page on Pinterest that we have prepared to receive your photos and videos.Mezquita Cordoba



We think this new feature will be fun and interesting and should go a long way towards creating a true ¡Alegria! readers’ community which is, after all, about getting to know one another. So, if you’ve got Spanish stuff to share, just fill in your name and email on the form below. We’ll get back to you today or tomorrow and you can start uploading.

P.S. You needn’t worry about the security of your personal data. We would never sell it, lend it or otherwise release it to anybody, ever.


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