What’s New on ¡Alegria! This Fall? 2

Autumn SpainIt’s September, we’ve had a fruitful and restorative summer break, and it’s great to be back with new stories and videos and some fresh ideas for making ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living more interesting and more rewarding for you, our readers. As we suspected, getting out of the office turned out to be more productive than staying glued to our computers. A couple of  “meetings” at a beach restaurant (“chiringuito” the Spanish call it playfully) over grilled fish, a green salad and a cold white wine yielded more and better ideas and clarified the magazine’s mission–subscribers!–and the best ways to achieve it–content, content, content.

We’ve altered the publication schedule to make the timing of the magazine more convenient for most of our readers. Instead of updating with one fresh article five days a week we’ll do it three days a week with two new articles each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What it boils down to is giving you more content in a more concentrated form.  We hope you’ll find this approach more to your liking.

This decision to streamline the way we deliver our articles arose out of your replies to our new ¡Alegria! Readers Survey. By the way, if you haven’t filled it in yet please take three or four minutes now to do so here. It’s the best way we have to discover your preferences and to attend to them. We’ve given the Survey a place on the first screen of the magazine as we consider it the most important contact link with our readers.

Goya self portrait

To kick off the new season feature writer, Bart Sedgebear, who thinks Goya is a more important if not better painter than Velázquez, asks in a three-part article: Was Francisco Goya the First Modern Artist? Some knowledgeable people think so. Sedgebear, who feels that Goya’s darkest work becomes more prophetic and more relevant with each passing day, tells you why.


On Road AgainHave you been missing Spain–On the Road Again? Not to worry. Now you can see part eight of 13, A Sultan’s View of Andalusia, in which our hungry pilgrims eat the best meal of their tour. You’ll be surprised to find that it’s not one of the wait-in-line-for-a-year gastronomic cathedrals in Catalonia or the Basque Country. No, it’s a humble beach restaurant on the semi-tropical coast of Granada that features a stellar array of local fish, exotic fruit and produce.

Pinterest logoDo you know and love Pinterest.com? Then you’ll be pleased to know that ¡Alegria! has created a board there that will permit you to upload your own Spain-related images, whether travel photos, personal photos, or videos; serious, humorous or quite the contrary. We have created this new feature to permit you to express your own creativity and awareness of things Spanish.

percebeiro in actionGalicia, on Spain’s northwest coast, has traditionally been a land known for fishing, immigration and witches. “Meigas” the Galicians call them and any self-respecting gallego will tell you: “I don’t believe in meigas, but they do exist!”) Nowadays there are new things going on up there in the sea fog. Entrepreneurs from Porto Muiños have made an international business of harvesting different varieties of seaweed for culinary purposes. It was probably inevitable in a country with thousands of kilometers of coastline.

And don’t forget to check out the latest in Spanish property information, here in the Spanish Property News Updates under the Looking for a Home tab. Whether you’re looking for a Spanish home or investment opportunities there is always breaking news on the subject.

So welcome back to ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living. We hope you will find the magazine more useful, more interesting and with more opportunities for you to participate. Alegria logo



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