Porto Muiños–Seaweed from Spain, Anyone? Reply

Culinary Seaweed MuiñosEveryone knows that Spain is an important exporter of fruit and vegetables to Europe and beyond. But it is less well known that they also export vegetable produce from the sea. Porto Muiños from A Coruña in northwest Spain is a pioneer company in researching and commercializing the seaweed from the Galician coast where the Atlantic and Cantabrian seas meet. There are some 600 varieties from which to choose. Porto Muiños started working 14 years ago. The first year they harvested 9,000 kilos of seaweed and sold 100. “It was clear we needed to teach our customers about the gastronomic use of algaes, and learn more about their needs” says Antonio Muiños, the company director. Having spent years learning the individual tastes for seaweed in their potential markets around the world Porto Muiños now exports to 25 countries. One of their most helpful clients and collaborators is renowned Spanish chef, Ferran Adriá, who uses almost 20 varieties of Muiños algaes in his kitchen.


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