An Appeal to Help Launch International Brigades Theatrical Homage Reply

International BrigadesThis email was forwarded to us by British journalist, publisher, and old Spain hand, David Baird. Goodbye Barcelona is a theatrical homage to the International Brigades that took to Spain in 1936 the first volunteer soldiers to confront fascism in Europe in the Spanish Civil War. They came from virtually all over the world and a lot of them stayed here–in cemeteries and common graves. The musical’s producers lack a bit of financing to keep the memorial show on the road. If you want to make a donation, just follow the appropriate link below.

For more information go to the Goodbye Barcelona website.

Goodbye Barcelona

The following message is from Karl Lewkowicz, co-writer of the musical Goodbye Barcelona…

Goodbye Barcelona is opening in Barcelona on 26 September (previews on 24/25), running till at least December. The Catalan production will be at the Teatre del Raval, which is 10 minutes from the Ramblas:

Although there is a groundswell of support for the show from the Spanish people and media, we have no public support in the current economic climate. In fact many doors have been closed as the show is considered ‘political’ simply because it tells the story of the International Brigades. This is why we decided to launch a crowd–funding campaign.

For the production to go ahead we urgently need to raise the shortfall in the budget of 6,000 euros, of which we have so far raised more than two-thirds, with 14 days left to raise the balance. With any contribution, however large or small, supporters can become an integral part of this project, which helps to keep alive the memory of those people who were willing to give their lives for freedom in the Spanish Civil War.

If you would like to participate in the campaign here is the website to make a pledge and spread the word:
The original promotional video:
The new Catalan promo video:

Best wishes,
Karl Lewkowicz


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