The ¡Alegría! Team Is Taking August Off; We’ll See You in September Reply

Vacation in AugustWe’re happy to announce that the ¡Alegría! team is taking a vacation in August. So the magazine won’t be updated until Monday, September 2, 2013. That will give us some time to put our feet up, charge our batteries, visit the mountains and the beach and, most importantly, have some tranquil time to think about how to improve the magazine. We want to make it more interactive (more open to your participation), with more feature stories and enlarged and enhanced Spanish property information. So you can look forward next month to all those improved features–and whatever else we can come up with this summer.

Does this mean that you can’t see ¡Alegria! during the month of August?  Not at all. You can still access the magazine whenever you like. It just means that it won’t have any fresh content till September.

In the meantime we want to wish you a joyous and restorative summer holiday.

See you in September!


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