Gold Medal in Birmingham Launches Spanish Cheese from Teruel Reply

Queso Artesanal TeruelQueso Artesanal de Teruel (Teruel Handcrafted Cheese) is a family firm founded in 2006 in the medieval town of Albarracín in the Aragonese province of Teruel in the northeast of Spain. The secret of their success is raising and milking their own sheep, thus controlling the cheese-making process from start to finish. “We thought that, with a great raw sheep’s milk, a proper elaboration, and perfect conditions for ageing it, we could make a good cheese,” says company director, Antonio Asensio.

He was not mistaken. Four years later, in 2010, Queso Artesanal de Teruel presented their cheese in the World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, UK, and were awarded the gold medal in the category of semi-cured sheep’s cheese. “That generated a spectacular rise in sales both here in Spain and internationally,” says Antonio Asensio. Their first export clients were the Japanese, who made the trip to Albarracín in order to see the operation firsthand. One of them liked the product, the area, and the hospitality so much that he bought a house in a nearby village.

Video courtesy of Foods from Spain


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