Goya – Crazy Like A Genius 2

 Robert Hughes

This Goya documentary is doubly delightful, first for the genius of the artist, and then for the engaging presentation by the Australian art critic who made it. Throughout his brilliant international career Robert Hughes was refreshing because he shunned the jargon of the art world and created his own plain-spoken language for dealing with art. As critic and documentalist he had an innate ability to express the essential aspects of his subjects.

Goya was always Hughes’ favorite artist, but this preference took on a new dimension after the critic’s near fatal car accident in 1999 when he was driving home from a fishing trip in Western Australia. He was left in a coma for six weeks and when he came out of it he had a fresh take on Goya. This documentary is the result.

Here’s the link to Robert Hughes’s  fascinating one-hour BBC documentary on Goya: http://youtu.be/tuY3sMnEhZ4




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