Granada’s Alhambra Palace Embodies Poetry, History and Mystery Reply

women Alhambra GranadaThis five-minute video of the Alhambra Palace produced by The Guardian offers us a romantic and literary view of Granada’s 13th-century Moorish palace, which bathed in oriental splendor till the Reconquest of Granada by the Christians at the end of the 15th. You will recall, “In fourteen hundred ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue…”

It was at that very same time that Ferdinand and Isabella were culminating their conquest of Granada. They expelled the Moors to an interior exile in the Sierra Alpujarra, as the seaward side of Sierra Nevada is known, from which they would be definitively exiled to other parts of the Mediterranean in the seventeenth century.

Poetry was the inspiration for this palace, whose wall inscriptions portray the paradise described in Islamic verse. Perhaps that is why, over the centuries, the Alhambra has inspired so many artists, musicians, writers and poets. “What human stories have these rooms witnessed?” asks the narrator.

Here’s the link to this romantic vision of Granada’s Alhambra:


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