Six Modern Spanish Cooking Techniques Reply

Spanish cooking gelification

The 21st Century Spanish Cuisine – Do It Yourself!

In this series of six brief videos (from one to two and a half minutes) Foods from Spain opens the door to the fascinating world of modern Spanish cuisine. In them we get a glimpse of the radical new techniques of deconstruction, gelification, foams, liquid nitrogen, spherification and Roner vacuum. Best of all, you can try these new tricks at home. With a sense of adventure and, in a few cases some specialized equipment, you can turn a Spanish omelette inside out and make it into a cocktail or create a foam from anything from fish to fruit. These techniques are innovative and playful and will surprise and delight your family and guests. With enough practice you might be able to open a Spanish restaurant and go into competition with Ferran  Adrià and the Roca Brothers.

Here’s the link to the six Modern Spanish Cooking Techniques videos, which run one after the other, all courtesy of Foods from Spain.


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