Spain… On the Road Again–Part 6 Reply

On Road AgainA Michael Stipe Surprise in Catalunya

Claudia takes Gwyneth for a nighttime drive through her hometown of Barcelona. Gwyneth does a celebrity appearance and then the two ladies sneak off to the gourmet department of a Barcelona department store to stock up on snacks for the next leg of their journey.

The next morning, Mario and Gwyneth dive into Spanish bubbly in the cellars at the Segura Viudas winery. Meanwhile, Mark and Claudia take to the seas to enjoy some of the most sought-after shellfish in the Mediterranean and later to a fish auction that has all the excitement of a Major League game.

Back in wine country, Mario and Gwyneth grill a vegetarian Catalan feast. Later, Mario shocks Gwyneth when they pick up an unlikely hitchhiker, Michael Stipe, the REM lead singer. That night in Barcelona, Mario,  Gwyneth and Michael join friends for a rockstar dinner at the über-trendy Inopia restaurant.

Here’s the link. Hop in the back of the Merc and we’re off!…H


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