Spain… On the Road Again–Part 5 Reply

Basking in Spanish Wine and Cuisine in the Basque Country

On Road AgainGwyneth and Mario greet the day at the astonishing Marqués de Riscal Hotel with a behind the scenes vineyard tour which includes a sublime bottle of 1958 vintage wine opened by breaking the neck of the bottle with red hot tongs. Mark joins Gwyneth for some vine-side grilling of fresh Rioja vegetables where they learn a valuable barbecue tip: to revive the waning coals, sprinkle salt on them. Both Mario and Gwyneth head home for the weekend, and Mark and Claudia set out for San Sebastián with the glee of two school kids playing hooky. There Claudia takes the wheel in the kitchen learning from the master, Chef Juan Mari Arzak, who good humoredly dubs Bittman “Marco Cascarrabias,” “Mark the Grump.” Claudia helps the maestro make perfect “cocochas al pil pil,” “hake chins in garlic and olive oil,” a gently-poached Basque delicacy that emulsifies into a magical sauce. Then they’re off to the bars of San Sebastian in what Mark calls “the never-ending parade of pintxos and vino.”

There are worse jobs. Here’s the link:


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