Welcome to Spain’s Land of Quercus–A Domesticated Forest 1

dehesa southease SpainThis may be the perfect video for a Monday morning. It’s beautiful, soothing, fascinating and soul restoring. Leave it to the Spanish to produce such a work of art based on–you guessed it–the black-legged Iberian pig. “Quercus” is the Latin word for “oak.” It designates the genus of some 600 species of trees worldwide. In Spain it’s most often associated with the live or holm oak, the wonderful tree that provides the acorns eaten by the cerdo iberico, the acorns which are responsible in part for the sublime flavor of iberico ham. What we see in this video is life on a dehesa, one of the extensive farms located mainly in southwestern Spain and dedicate to raising black pigs and fighting bulls and harvesting cork. It’s a unique ecosystem in the world. Have a look and see if it doesn’t start your Monday off on the right foot!

Video courtesy of Solo Iberico


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