Cordoba, Vida y Genio (Life and Genius) Reply

Cordoba AndalusiaThis 16-minute video of Cordoba, produced by the tourist bureaus of the city and province in 2011, relies on music to convey impressions of Cordoba’s cultural offerings in the performing arts, architectural jewels, popular fiestas and excursions to some of its astonishingly beautiful surrounding towns. Spanish conductor and composer, Lorenzo Palomo’s Cordoba Nocturne runs through the presentation, interspersed with excerpts of flamenco guitar music. The video touches upon the city’s better and lesser known monuments and popular fiestas, the Sherry-like white wines from Baena and Montilla, and seductive landscapes from all over the province. In all it’s an appetizing introduction to this fabled Andalusian capital and its hinterlands.

Video courtesy of -Cordoba Local Tourist Board
-Cordoba Cultural City Foundation
-Cordoba Tourist Board


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