In Search of the Spirit of Al-Andalus Reply

Granada cathedral Alhambra

With the Moorish architecture of Granada’s Alhambra and the Cordoba cathedral as evocative backdrops, Marcel Theroux meets a group of Spanish Muslims who are drawing on the area’s Islamic legacy to a promote a new religious tolerance. Muslim intellectuals in Granada and Cordoba explain their ongoing efforts to promote a cordial cultural and religious coexistence. The very apt Spanish term is “convivencia,” “living together.” Not all is sweetness and light, however, as there is opposition from both sides.

Some native Muslims resent the Spanish converts to Islam who are promoting the initiative, while the delegate of ecumenism of the Cordoba diocese, interviewed by Theroux, is roundly opposed to sharing the Mezquita as a place of worship with Muslims.

Here’s The Guardian’s eight-minute video on the subject:


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