Spain… On the Road Again–Part 3 Reply

Coasting Along in Galicia

On Road AgainGwyneth, Mario, Claudia and Mark (“¡Tengo muchísima hambre!”) Bittman muck in with Galician mariscadoras, digging for some of the world’s best shellfish. Later Mario grills up an impromptu feast of lobsters and razor clams paired with the acclaimed Galician Albariño white wine. (Gwyneth calls these impromptu meals in the field “cook n’ eats.”) Next the road trippers head inland for meat and vegetable empanadas (think giant pasties) cooked in a wood-fired oven. After a morning cruising down the Río Miño, Mario and Claudia learn to prepare octopus, Galician style (“pulpo a la gallega”), and wash it down with a potent queimada made of the local 100-proof firewater, sugar, lemon and coffee beans heated slowly till the sugar dissolves. It’s a real witches’ brew, as Claudia discovers when she takes her first sip.

Follow this link for an intensive dose of Galicia:


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