Still More Traditional Spanish Cooking 2

Spanish Emulsions: Mayonnaise and Green Sauce

ensaladilla mayonesa caseraPhoto Javier Peñas/Copyright ICEX–When the troops of Mareschal Richelieu attacked the Fort of San Felipe de Mahon and invaded the island of Menorca (Balearic Islands off the northeast coast of Spain) on April 18, 1756, besides defeating the British defenders, they discovered the local garlic and olive oil sauce: all-i-oli. They took the recipe home, removed the garlic and called the resulting sauce “mayonnaise” from “Mahon.” This is why the Spanish have two ways of spelling “mayonnaise:” mahonesa, in pure Spanish and mayonesa, re-importing the French version.

Many Spanish housewives still make their own mayonnaise, though not many of them do it with a wire whisk any more. They use a “minipimer,” a hand mixer that makes the process painless. This video shows how to make mayonnaise in the traditional way, along with another popular Spanish emulsion: green sauce for fish such as hake or cod.

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  1. Watching the process of making mayonaise is intriguing. If one adds a bit of garlic, hot pepper, or ——well use your inagination!!! It can be an emulltional experience.

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