¡Alegria! – Your Feedback is Vital 4

rotary printing press

Though paper and a printing press are no longer necessary for a publishing project, no amount of talent and determination will make a fine magazine without the single most important contributor: you, the reader. Your participation is absolutely vital to the quality and growth of ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living. Fledgling publishing projects require constant reader feedback, just as fledgling birds need a steady supply of worms.

Pair of Northern Mockingbird ChicksIn the old days that feedback was limited to letters to the editor. Today the Internet provides readers with many ways of communicating with a magazine and its readers on subjects that concern them. What do these online feedback channels offer you? They permit you to make yourself heard. You can also consult the magazine’s staff and other members of its online community on questionsof interest. Perhaps best of all, you can contribute to a community of like-minded readers: your ideas, opinions, and wisdom. After all, we all have a vivid interest in Spain and things Spanish.

What do those same channels offer us, the publishers of ¡Alegria!? To us they’re an essential lifeline. Your reader feedback permits us to shape the magazine’s editorial policy. For example, the ratings, from one to five stars, that readers assign our articles permit us to adjust the content to your interests and tastes. Do you prefer human-interest stories or wine articles? Or foody content over history articles? Do you find the time-lapse videos frivolous or fun? Are things lacking in the magazine? What would you recommend? You can also comment on any of the articles. Just click on “Reply.”

Does the relevance and quality of ¡Alegria! inspire you to “Follow” us through email notifications whenever the magazine is updated? Or to share our content with other people via sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or LinkedIn?

We cannot make ¡Alegria! into a reference in magazines about Spain without your active participation. We appreciate your help and promise to do our best to see that everyone benefits.



  1. I read you regularly and enjoy the news you share with all! Keep our interest in it growing and good luck in finding new places and stories to inform us. It’s a great idea and I share as much as I can with friends and Facebook.

  2. I’m a fairly recent subscriber but already a fan, and look forward to “Alegria”
    at the end on my day here in Los Angeles, California. I’m hoping to retire in
    Spain in a couple of years, so the articles on moving to and living in Spain are
    obviously quite important, but I also enjoy the food and wine articles, as well
    as cultural and historical topics. I’ll be happy to add my feedback in the future
    if you are interested. In the meantime please keep up your good work, and know
    that it is certainly appreciated.

    • It’s people like you, Gary, who make our day. Are we interested in your feedback? Yes, yes, Yes.
      Thanks for your note and please stay in touch.
      Mike Booth, Editor

      P.S. Had a look at your website. Love the professionalism in your work.

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