Spain… On the Road Again–Part 2 Reply

On Road AgainIf you love eating with your fingers this second hour of On the Road Again is for you. Our four hungry pilgrims; Mario, Gwyneth, Mark and Claudia; are consummate finger eaters, and they get to show their stuff at a lusty barbecue of milk-fed baby lamb and “morcilla” blood sausage cooked over hot coals in the middle of one of the great vineyards of the Ribera del Duero wine region. You will also learn a valuable barbecue tip: sprinkle a little sugar over the lamb chops. It will caramelize and give a great toasted flavor to the meat.

The next stage takes the pilgrims north to Galicia where they reunite with Gwyneth. While staying at a country inn, Mario and Gwyneth challenge Mark and Claudia to a race along on the Camino de Santiago, a historic pilgrimage route. The “race” turns out to be a leisurely drive, a short walk and a long supper of capon in red wine and salt cod simmered in olive oil served on a bed of turnip greens at an ideal Galician “casa rural.”

Here’s the link. Enjoy!


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