Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel–A Gastronomic Leisure and Cultural Center 5

San MIguel MarketLegend has it that there was a market on this spot as long as 1,000 years ago, but the true origins of Madrid’s San Miguel Market are lost in the murk of history. At the beginning of the 20th century it was rebuilt in the forged-iron Parisian style of the time. In recent years it had begun to deteriorate badly and in 2009 it underwent a revolutionary upgrading converting a food market into a gastronomic leisure and cultural center.

Madrid has always been the place where you could find shops and restaurants from all the Spanish regions. San Miguel has taken the concept a step further. Now you can not only buy foodstuffs, but you can consume them there, as well. You can savor plates created from the freshest, most-authentic ingredients available anywhere, with the emphasis on seasonal seafood and produce.

Video courtesy of Foods from

See what the folks at Trip Advisor have to say about the San Miguel Market



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  2. The short videos are a real eye opener and the food they show makes my mouth water although I am not a food crazy!
    Keep it going!

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