Back to Basics: Spanish Traditional Cooking-La Olla or Stewpot Reply

cocido madrileñoLet’s get back to the basics of Spanish traditional cooking. There’s still more to learn before we turn to some of the more modern techniques that have made Spain a focus of international gastronomic attention in recent years. The video that follows presents a step-by-step approach to making a simple Spanish bean stew.  This is “la olla” or what the Spanish call “comida de cuchara,” “food to be eaten with a spoon,” and as Spanish stews go, it’s just the edge of the wedge. There are as many stews here as there are villages and each locale defends its own ollas with patriotic fervor. The women of our village will tell you unequivocably, “If it has carrots in it, it’s not cocido,” referring to the local version of  cocido madrileño, perhaps the queen of Spanish stewpots.

Video courtesy of Foods from Spain


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