Spain… On the Road Again — Part 1 Reply

On Road Again Let’s jump into “Spain… On the Road Again.” This 2008 gastro-cultural series on Spain features chef Mario Batali, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, New York Times food writer Mark Bittman, and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols. Both Gwyneth and Mario spent time in Spain as adolescents and speak excellent Spanish, especially Gwyneth, who sounds like a native. Claudia is from Barcelona so her Spanish is flawless (along with five other languages!). Among the three of them they interpret for Mark. He seems to enjoy his Spanish lessons with Claudia immensely.

The object of the project seems to be to make Spain look interesting and fun, not a hard assignment. For Internet the series has been repackaged in13  54-minute chapters. In this first chapter  Gwyneth and Mario drive down from Madrid to Toledo for a cooking lesson with one of Castilla la Mancha’s top chefs. Mark and Claudia travel the route of Don Quijote,  learning how to make Manchego cheese.

Mario refers to this journey as “the Spanish road trip of a lifetime.”  You could certainly do worse than this trip with a pair of Mercedes convertibles, an expense account, two beautiful girls, and all the wonders of Spain laid out before you. If you like this series, let us know by sending us a comment, and we’ll run some more chapters.

Here’s the link:


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