Culture Straight from the Street–Steamroller Art in Granada 2

Impresiones Gigantes GranadaA dozen international linocut artists celebrated the second annual edition of their Impresiones Gigantes event last Saturday in Granada. They brought their intricately carved linos out into the Paseo del Salón park, inked them in front of a mesmerized public, then carefully lay them down on the pedestrian street there , covered them one by one with fabric and ran a road roller over them. Shazam!  A giant print. Then they hung them all over the bandstand and the lamp posts in the paseo. It makes a glamorous display that attracts lots of art lovers and Saturday strollers. Proceeds of print sales went to the Granada Food Bank, and there was even something left over for the artists.

An event like Impresiones Gigantes takes a lot of organizing. Asked if he’d had enough after two years, Brian Barry, the printmaker from Cork, Ireland who turned the steamroller loose last year says, “Oh no, I’ve got some great new ideas for next year!”

See lots more information on the Impresiones Gigantes website



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