Spanish Nights Are Something Special 1

Spanish nightlife
Spain loves the night. The country enchants millions of  visitors from all over the world in large part because of its rich and varied nightlife.  People from northern climes, where they roll up the streets at nine, are stunned to see that a “night out” in Spain can end with  “churros con chocolate” (fried dough dipped in mayonnaise-thick hot chocolate) in an early-opening breakfast bar. You can enjoy Spanish nights from simple strolls through lively streets to formal galas in elegant settings.

The climate, of course, helps. In summer the sidewalk cafes in Spain do more business at night than during the day. And virtually all cultural events–concerts, plays,  etc.– are staged after dark, not to mention outdoor dining in evocative settings, a Spanish speciality. This cute time-lapse video offers an  overview of what goes on in Spain when the sun goes down. See if you wouldn’t like to sign on.

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  1. Spanish nights are indeed a special treat especially tapas bars together with the sound of guitars…Ah, those are the moments I do miss…they are so typical of Spain but most of all you get a different sense of “being” with the joie de vivre unique to Spain.

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