More Traditional Spanish Cooking Techniques–Grilling and Roasting Reply

Restaurante Botin MadridIf you liked the videos on frying in olive oil and sofritos you’re going to love these two on grilling and roasting. A grilled chuletón (a well-hung, well-marbled, thick sirloin steak) anywhere in Spain is a meal fit for a king. Some people would affirm that roasted meat is the pinnacle of Spanish cuisine. (Don’t take our word for it, do your own research. Segovia, Aranda del Duero, and the great ovens of Madrid are the most famous, but you’ll have trouble finding a bad roast lamb or suckling pig anywhere in Castille.) It’s not just the roasting, mind you. It’s the raw materials. Don’t expect an English spring lamb, fatted on green grass, to come out of the oven quite like a Castillian lamb raised on meager pickings of aromatic herbs.

And now the roasting. You’re permitted to take notes.

Videos courtesy of Foods from


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