Traditional Spanish Cooking Techniques–Frying and the Sofrito 2

Spanish sofritoHave you tried Spanish cooking? Would you like to learn? Here we’re going to show you a series of short videos from Foods from demonstrating the cooking techniques that are the basis for many delicious dishes prepared by housewifes and chefs throughout Spain.

Later you can apply them to almost everything you cook Spanish style. We’ll start with two techniques–frying in olive oil (extra virgen, please) and the sofrito, a sauteed mix of vegetables and herbs that is the starting point for oodles of Spanish standard dishes from stews and sauces to paella. A good friend who makes a wonderful paella (always on a pine-wood fire) reminds us: “A good paella is just a good sauce with rice cooked in it.”

Here’s how good cooks fry in Spain:

And here’s how they prepare a sofrito:

Videos courtesy of Foods from

Later we’ll show you more basic techniques, then some Spanish master chefs at work, then some recipes to get you started.



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