Spanish Food without Spanish Wine? That’s Unthinkable! 1

Wines from Spain

Now that we’ve begun to tempt your palate with foods from Spain we’ve asked Wines from to permit our readers access to their extensive library of videos on the subject of Spanish wines. They very graciously said yes and today we’re publishing an advance of the kind of things you can expect to see in the coming months. If  you love Spanish wine, welcome aboard. If you’re not yet an aficionado, here is where you can get your introduction. It’s never too late! (Why do you think Spain has the longest life expectancy in the world?)

This Wines from Spain 2010 Promotional Video will give you, in the universal language of images and music, a nice overview of Spanish wine regions, grape varieties, wineries (bodegas) and their myriad of wine types that we hope will stimulate your interest in the Spanish wine videos we will be publishing weekly starting today. So stay tuned!

(For maximum enjoyment watch it on full screen. (Click on the four-cornered square frame at bottom right of the video.)

Wines from Spain 2010 Promocional Video

Video courtesy of ICEX/Wines of Spain

Wines from Spain


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  1. Saffron is a favorite of ours. Spanish olive is also excellent. We have been enjoying some brought from a small village near Granada. Very, very good!

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