Join Us on a Voyage to Spanish Spain 2

Seafood Motril

A local seafood bar near the fish auction (lonja) in the Port of Motril.

Everybody Has Been to Spain, Or Have They?

Everybody has been to Spain. They’ve done the bullfights, the paella on the beach and the flamenco show. They’ve visited the caves and the cathedrals, sung “Viva España” and taken a coach excursion to a safari park. But have they been to Spain? Not really. They’ve been to a beach-holiday version of Spain that stretches intermittently all along the Mediterranean coast from the French border to the southern tip of Iberia. But their contact with the country where normal Spanish people live is practically non-existent.

To judge this country by the experiences of its millions of holiday makers we would have to conclude that Spain is populated mainly by people in the travel industry. Certainly, Spain has some of the best hoteliers in the world, but it also has all kinds of other people. They’re farmers and doctors, teachers and business people, public employees, students and artists.  And they all have something interesting to share with you, even if it’s just a “Buenos días” and a smile. The best way to enhance your experience of this rich and varied country is to get to know its people, their customs and traditions, their art and literature and sense of humor, their authentic food and drink, and their favorite pastimes.

Ready to Engage?

Are you ready to engage Spanish Spain? Through this new online magazine we’re inviting you to accompany us on our meanderings through the culture, lifestyle and language of Spain. We find it a fascinating journey. We hope you will, too. You can begin right now by following ¿Alegría! The Joy of Spanish Living. Here we’ll introduce you to some of Spain’s most fascinating people, places and happenings, including some of your own countrymen and women who are living here and doing interesting things. Your next step is a real-world visit to Spain, a weekend or a week  just to get your feet wet.  Trade secret: If you take a month’s Spanish lessons before you leave and practice when you get here, you’ll have more fun.

Get to Know Spain Through Its Culture, Language and People

What is your profession? Have you ever met one of your Spanish colleagues? You might find it interesting. If you talk to a Spanish doctor, for example, you’ll learn that Spain has the most advanced organ-transplant program in the world.

Roman theatre, Mérida

A summer performance at Mérida’s Roman theatre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.

Do you go to the theater in your home country? Have you ever attended one of

Corral de Comedias

The Corral de Comedias, a restored 17th-century theatre at Almagro (Ciudad Real)

the classical performances (from Euripides, Homer and Sophocles to contemporary authors like Dimitriades and Cavafis) in the Roman theater of Mérida (Extremadura), a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993? Have you seen a play staged by Spain’s National Classical Theatre Company, which every summer transports a resident troupe of players to the 17th-century Corral de Comedias in the town of Almagro (Ciudad Real) where they present classic plays from Spain’s baroque period and Golden Age?

Delightful Surprises Where You Least Expect Them

Is classical music your cup of tea? Chamber music? Sacred music? Choral music?  Music workshops? You might find the village of Nigüelas, 32 kilometres from Granada en route to the Mediterranean seashore at Motril, a delightful surprise. Though it’s population is less that 1,000, Nigüelas is Granada’s most musical pueblo with a variety of classical and traditional Spanish music events throughout the year.



  1. Since I was living 4 years in Spain during the Franco period, I was fully immersed in its culture in all ways. Beautiful opera singing in June in the Alhambra with Teresa Berganza, trips through the countryside, the mezes with the guitars the laughter and jokes of locals etc…
    Talking about Granada and especially the Alhambra, brings a pang in my stomach. But Spain has changed a lot since that time and become more European, but has never lost that Joie de vivre which is sooooo
    Spanish. Lust for life and love! Alegria!

  2. Yes, there’s a lot more to Spain than what most tourists see. If you delve further into the culture and make an effort to meet the “other Spaniards”, not those living off tourism, you will find your visits to the country far more interesting and worthwhile.

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