Two Iconic Spanish Products–Saffron and Olive Oil Reply

Spanish Saffron, A Traditional Delicacy

Spanish saffron

Spanish saffron, the finest in the world

Did you ever ask yourself why saffron is so expensive or whether you should crush in in a mortar or steep it in wine or why the best saffron in the world is Spanish? It takes 250,000 crocus flowers to make a kilo (35 oz.) of kitchen-ready saffron. This video should clear up your ideas.

Spanish Olive Oil–Deep Roots

Poniente Granadino Olivar

Spanish olive oils (yes, there are many varieties) enjoy a 2,000-year tradition

Spain has more olive trees than any other country in the world. With something like 2,000 years of history here, in Spain olive oil is the universal balm, used for everything from gastronomy to folk medicine .

Video courtesy of Foods from


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