Here Come the “Foods from Spain” Gastronomy Videos 2

Foods from Spain Authorizes ¡Alegría! to Publish Their Spanish Gastronomy Videos

Foods from Spain

Foods from Spain is the gastronomic website run by the ICEX Spain Trade and Investment Agency. It’s slick and authoritative and includes news and feature stories, videos and blogs, and a food-talk forum both for food professionals and students of the good life. It’s must reading for anybody interested in Spanish cuisine in any of its many flavors.

We want to start out with their presentation video, Dive into Foods from Spain, which will give you an overall idea of what to expect. Then we’ll publish periodically their  videos on specific Spanish food subjects like olive oil, saffron, traditional and modern cooking techniques, and more. If you love Spanish cooking, want to do business in the sector, or just want to get to know Spanish food, this is the place to come. ¡Qué aproveche! (means “Enjoy your meal!”) .

Video courtesy of Foods from Spain



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