Portfolio — Bill Booth Looks at Granada’s Insects with a Macro 10

Bill Booth insects

Bill Booth is a professor of structural geology at the University of Granada. He was born in Granada in 1972 to an English mother and an American father. Except for two years of post-doctoral work at the Geomar Oceanographic Institute in Kiel, Germany, his studies were all in the Spanish public school system. Bill’s hobby is photographing insects and, since this first number of ¡Alegría! is dedicated to Granada we’ve asked him for a selection of insects from there. Besides his diminutive six-legged friends he’s included a portrait of Hugo, the lizard (timon lepidus, Granada’s largest species of lizard) who lives in the dry stone wall in his olive grove. Hugo likes insects, too.




  1. Spectacular photos! Not everyone appreciates the beauty of insects, but even the disinterested have to marvel at these. (I’m from the first category) These are beautiful.

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  3. Hi Bill,
    Your fotos are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I remember you from our trips to your place when I was young. On one of those trips I brought my best buddy Billy home as a puppy!!! Sending my regards.
    Susi Brown (Ken Brown’s daughter, living in California)

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