Things We Love About Living in Granada 3

Hiking Sierra NevadaMountain hikes and picnics
Hunting wild mushrooms
Breakfasts and lunches at beach bars
Outdoor dining on summer nights
Strolling in Granada   Strolling Granada

Wine and tapas
Winter days, roasting chestnuts in the fire
Spanish friends who treat us like family
The wrens nesting in the morning glories
Every-day-but-Sunday garbage collection Dogs
Dogs and cats
A whole new culinary tradition

The wines: varied, good, inexpensive
The extraordinary health services
Our stone farmhouse in the country
The prices of everything
The climate. We didn’t come here for the sunshine, but we enjoy it.
The siesta. Quality of life!
The beautiful graffiti around the city done by “El Niño de las Pinturas”032
The street life. The sidewalk cafe as a way of life
The health clubs, pools and spas
The reservoir for swimming and kayaking
The Sierra Nevada ski resort
Grocery shopping at excellent supermarkets
The water
Great local fish, fruit and produce
Paellas and barbecues over wood fires
Good sports facilities in most of the towns & villages
Spacious and beautiful countryside
Tea Room GranadaTea rooms and coffee shops with pasteles
Granada kid and lamb
The unhurried lifestyle
Human rights, freedom of speech, equality
The roads
The way Spaniards hold their drink
Our  artist and writer friends
Always changing mountain light
Poetry readings, book presentations, art exhibits
Historic architecture, including the Alhambra
Professional waiters
The outdoor markets
The way Spaniards cherish children
Nearby car trips
Old-fashioned fruit: quince, medlars, madrones…
Semi-tropical fruit: mangos, loquats, avocados…
The morning glories
The murmur of the river at the bottom of the valley.



    • Well Mike, el rio es vida pero tambien me encantan las sierras, la naturaleza, las flores, las tapas (mmmm!!) y los azulejos…

  1. Not much more to add but the love of an incredible meaningful and beautiful place on earth. Lives in my heart. And the sound of the river gurgling is unforgetable.

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