US Archivists Unearth Rare 1898 Photos, Post-Battle of Manila Bay Reply

Spanish American photos  

DJ Sta. Ana for–US Navy archivists found 150 old glass plate photographs of the Spanish-American War in the Philippines – pictures that had remained unseen for more than a century. The glass plate photos were kept in two large wooden boxes, stored in an archival storage space at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC. Archivists from the US Navy’s Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) discovered the photograph treasure trove last February during an inspection of a backlog of artifacts. Lisa Crunk, NHHC photo archives head, described the find as “amazing”.


Rodriguez Unveiled to Huge Crowd in Madrid Reply

James Rodriguez Madrid–Colombia’s World Cup revelation James Rodriguez was unveiled as Real Madrid’s latest headline signing in front of tens of thousands of fans at the Santiago Bernabeu on Tuesday. Rodriguez, the top scorer at the World Cup in Brazil, has moved to the European champions from Monaco on a six-season contract. Spanish media said Real paid about €80 million for the 23-year-old playmaker, which if correct would make him the fifth most expensive player in history after Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Luis Suarez.


One to Watch: High-Flying Spanish Model Nerea Arce Reply

Nerea Arce model

Summer Fashion Special: Bathing Suits–Another weekend is over, another Monday is here so, what better way to celebrate the start of another week, than by giving you another beautiful model as our One to Watch for today. We have given you a lot of different models from all over the world over the years, yet there have not exactly been many Spanish models on our lists, which had a big influence on our choice for today. 

We know for a fact that there will be quite a few of you out there who have already heard of the Spanish model Nerea Arce, especially if you are into your modelling. Nerea Arce has been in the modelling industry for quite a few years now, working with a lot of big names in modelling and, as some of you will no doubt already know, she finished third in the 2007 Miss Spain contest.


Hugh Thomas: In the Empire Stakes the Anglo-Saxons Were Spain’s Longtime Inferiors Reply

Hugh Thomas historian

A review of World Without End: The Global Empire of Philip II, by Hugh Thomas published on This history of the Spanish Empire seems more interested in the conquerors than the conquered but still makes its argument well

‘Every schoolboy knows who imprisoned Montezuma and who strangled Atahualpa.’ Macaulay, anticipating Gove, was complaining that the schoolboys by contrast did not get enough about Clive and the British conquest of India. Hugh Thomas, in this and in the two previous volumes of his trilogy on the Spanish empire, presumes that we have all forgotten about Montezuma and Atahualpa, and argues that we do not appreciate Spain’s imperial achievements. He is probably right, and he sets one off to speculate why.


Bobby McFerrin & Chick Corea Duet – Spain Reply

McFarrin Corea Spain

If you love Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea, this is your opportunity to see–and hear–them together in a singularly creative version of Corea’s 1971 instrumental jazz-fusion composition, Spain. This is probably Corea’s most prominent piece, and some would consider it a modern jazz standard.

Spain appeared in its original (and most well-known) rendition on the album Light as a Feather, with performances by Corea (Rhodes electric piano), Airto Moreira (drums), Flora Purim (vocals and percussion), Stanley Clarke (bass), and Joe Farrell (flute). It has been recorded in several versions, by Corea himself as well as by other artists, including a flamenco version by Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin in the 1980s.


Video of the Inauguration of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral in 2010 Reply

Sagrada Familia Spain

Josep Maria Llovera Jané on YouTube–Beautiful images emitted by TV3 of Catalonia on the day of the inauguration of La Sagrada Familia (Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familiain 2010. A year later I did this 17-minute summary in order to give more publicity to this unique architectural gem, designed by Antoni Gaudi. (Note: If you have a broadband Internet connection we recommend that you select “HD” and watch the video full screen.)


“Vengo,” Spanish Gypsy Flamenco Film Reply

Tony Gatlif's "Vengo"

We’ve already published an extract from this passionate French film shot in Spanish about a Gypsy blood feud, but we suspect you may enjoy seeing the complete version. Antonio Canales, one of Spain’s great flamenco dancers, plays Caco, a Gypsy patriarch who runs  a whorehouse (“lupanar” in Spanish, “fox den”). Destroyed by the death of his daughter he drowns his sorrow in alcohol and bacchanalia against a backdrop of blood and revenge. The film  pays homage to the Gypsies of Spain’s south, with lots of great flamenco guitar, song, and particularly dance.


50 Truths about the Ex-Spanish King, Juan Carlos I de Borbón Reply

Juan Carlos Borbon

Salim Lamrani writes for the Huffington–38 years on the Spanish throne, Juan Carlos I de Borbón decided, at the age of 76, to abdicate and relinquish the throne to his son Felipe, Prince of Asturias.

1. Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias, or Juan Carlos I, was born January 5, 1938, in Rome from the union of Don Juan, Count of Barcelona, and Doña María de las Mercedes de Borbón y Orleans, Princess of the two Sicilies, with whom he had four children: Pilar (1936), Juan Carlos, Margarita (1939) and Alfonso (1941).


Spanish Nudist Town Accidentally Bans Nudity Reply

Nudist beach Spain

Euroweekly–Vera, in Almeria, is well-known for and openly sells itself as ‘the best naturist beach resort in the world.’ However, the local government have banned the practice completely, by accident. The new law imposes fines of €100 to €300 for those who are naked or topless. This is despite the fact that nudity has been legal in Vera since 1979.

The deputy mayor Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, has explained that the error came about when they sourced their legislation ‘on ordinances from other municipalities.’ “I have issued orders to include an exception for the whole part of Vera beach that is nudist, including its streets and residential estates, where people go naked,” he stated.


10 of the Best Barcelona Restaurants for New Catalan Cuisine Reply

Jordi Cruz Barcelona

Tara Stevens, writer for online magazine Barcelona Metropolitan, recommends Barcelona’s top gastro spots, where the influence of El Bulli and the Adrià brothers is still going strong

Having been through a series of highs and lows (high at its old spot in the Born, low when it moved up town and struggled to entice an audience), ABaC is back on form. This time with Jordi Cruz at the helm, who is credited with being the youngest chef in Spain to earn a Michelin star (he was 25 at the time). The slick, architect-designed interior places it in the realms of the power restaurant – a dramatic black and steel kitchen contrasted by a tranquil, all white dining room with views into the garden.